ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Mission

“Our mission is to be a vibrant and caring community developing creative, enthusiastic, confident learners who will take action in an ever-changing world.”


Children take their first educational steps during the kindergarten years and these form the essential building blocks for their future learning

Our IB kindergarten is a wonderfully stimulating environment and our experienced staff take great care to support children’s developing self esteem at this age.

Children are exposed to a wide range of activities and experiences and are actively involved in their learning through talking, exploring and play.

Our programme of playgroups for babies and young children includes a wide range of fun and interactive activities. These are open to babies and children from 0-36 months, accompanied by an adult.

Children continue their educational steps in Pre-Nursery and Nursery. In Reception they build on the knowledge and skills they have learnt in Nursery and begin to concentrate for more sustained periods of time.

Our English and Maths programmes focus on the skills needed for reading, writing and early mathematical concepts. Play is still a large element of learning and Units of Inquiry form the basis for children to investigate different aspects of the world we live in.

Specialist teachers enrich the curriculum, promoting an early interest in music, physical education and swimming. In both Nursery and Reception Putonghua is taught daily through stories, songs and games. We also have a Putonghua speaking assistant teacher working daily with our students.