ICHK Videos

ICHK Videos

A glimpse into a life of learning at ICHK.

Derek Pinchbeck Talks About Primary School

Deep Learning

Kathryn Lung Talks About Learning Support

Ross Parker Talks About Mastery Transcript

Human Technologies Ninja Box

Katie Saunter Talks About Kindergarten

Toby Newton Welcomes You To ICHK Secondary

Douglas Kidd Talks About the Outdoors

Welcome To ICHK

Dear Year 7

Irene TeRaa Talks About Student Support

Adam McGuigan Talks About the PYP

ICHK Chinese Studies

Toby Newton Talks About Apprenticeship

Toby Newton Talks About Human Technologies

ICHK Student Interviews, Volume 1

ICHK HLY Forest School

ICHK Forest School Part 2

The Road To ICHK

Jennie Martin Talks About Mindfulness

Insights from Head of Secondary Toby Newton

Ross Parker Talks About Free Learning

Ben Blain Talks About Learning

Brendan Lee Talks About Learning

Liam Greenall Talks About The Arts

Jennie Martin Talks About Hong Lok Yuen

Ross Parker Talks About Technology

ICHK Secondary 10th Anniversary

Spring Gala 2017 Artwork

Christmas At ICHK

Y4C Forest School 2017

Russell Duncombe Talks About PERMA

ICHK HLY Forest School

Toby Newton Talks About 5+1

Toby Newton Talks About Innovation 800

ICHK HLY 35th Anniversary