Celebrating a unique learning community, founded by parents.

More than 35 years ago, a small group of parents in a beautiful leafy area of Hong Kong joined together with a shared vision. They wanted to create a school at the heart of their green and spacious community, a world away from the bustle and crowds of the city.

A school with a solid education programme, led by inspirational teachers and one of the first international schools in the territory to offer Chinese.

Thanks to their passion and dedication Hong Lok Yuen International School was born.

Now three decades later, the school is a thriving success story, accredited by worldwide bodies for the strength of its education programme, and attracting children from all over the world. Ten years ago, it opened its own secondary school, ICHK, offering students a strong through-train education.

But what has remained central to its philosophy is the strong community ethos, which spurred its beginnings. It is the strength of community spirit, which makes the school truly unique in the overcrowded metropolis that is Hong Kong.

Time and time again, parents say that as soon as they walk through the gates, they know instinctively they have found the school they want for their children. In this close-knit community, staff, parents and students know each other well. There are no barriers among year groups, and children of all ages play happily together.

In the Secondary School games of basketball, football and our own unique ICHK College Rules, invariably feature boys and girls of all ages. Similarly, in the canteen, students cheerfully mix between year groups, taking each other seriously simply as individuals and not as belonging to this or that class or grade.

There is a strong focus on community learning and an events programme helps to build strong relations and bring parents, children and staff together throughout the year.

At ICHK, more than anything, we value each other as unique individuals, deserving of a place in which to grow, flourish and thrive.

The Council of International Schools says:

“ICHK is a wonderful community school where community values are authentic at all levels of the school. There are excellent relationships between students and teachers characterised by mutual respect and an understanding that they share the community that is ICHK. “