Student Support

Student Support

ICHK is a school where children feel cared for and can flourish in a nurturing environment.

We believe in encouraging and fostering the talents of every child, and are committed to ensuring that all are happy and motivated to learn.

Our key goal is to inspire all our students to overcome challenges and encourage them to develop as balanced and successful young learners.

At both our campuses, students with pronounced learning needs may be admitted if their needs can be supported by our Learning Support staff.  In cases like these, our experienced team work closely with students and parents to ensure children receive the support they require.

At our primary campus we have a strong EAL programme. We also have part time Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy on site, which is paid for by parents.

At both campuses, where there are cases of identified needs, we develop Individual Learning Plans, working with students to help them realise their potential. We have experience of meeting the needs of students with speech and language difficulties, specific learning conditions such as Dyslexia or who are on the Autistic spectrum.

At our secondary campus, our Student Wellbeing Team includes pastoral leaders, form tutors, PSHE teachers and a school counsellor who has considerable experience in working with young people in an educational setting.

We are also very proud of the +1 Centre, which is a specialist facility for secondary students with pronounced educational needs. More information can be found here.

At ICHK, a key aim is to provide a secure, caring environment for students, where they can develop as learners and happy individuals. Our experienced staff ensure that students are supported and nurtured in a responsive environment, so that they receive the best possible school experience.


ICHK Kindergarten is accepting applications for Pre-Nursery and Nursery children born in 2019.

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