Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a pioneering study programme, designed to encourage independence, motivation, enjoyment and depth in student learning.

It features an incredible series of new and creative study experiences which all extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

Part of regular school experience for students in Years 7, 8 and 9, it involves ‘collapsing’ the timetable for four-day programmes of study, typically spread out over a number of weeks.

Every term features a Deep Learning programme, with students able to choose from a wide selection of units that interest them. Each has been specially designed to give students the opportunity to explore and delve into a feature of the curriculum in more detail.

All require leadership, problem solving and teamwork skills, whilst also testing students’ concentration and focus, ability to make decisions, their humour and dynamism.

Programmes are interdisciplinary. Each one ‘majors’ in some subjects, while ‘minoring’ in others. For example, a programme based on understanding the ecosystem associated with our local mangrove swamps might ‘major’ in Science, Maths and collaborative teamwork, while ‘minoring’ in Art and sociology.  Another, based on maps and cartography, might major in Human Technologies, Geography and leadership, while minoring in History and Maths.

Each programme is designed to give students the opportunity to explore and experience a feature of the curriculum in more detail and to more depth, while developing a greater appreciation of how knowledge, techniques and skills transfer between different areas of study.

Some of our Deep Learning choices are available via this link.

To read more about the programme and its impact on student learning and engagement click here.

To find out more about the benefits of inter-disciplinarity, see the Open University article here.

Deep Learning Primer

Example Deep Learning Brochure


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