ICHK is very proud of its strong educational partnerships.

Our three founding partners set up ICHK Secondary nine years ago to provide a pathway for students from ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, Japanese International School and Kingston International School. The goal was to develop a school that matched their own philosophies of education – one that would be student-centred and community minded, where children would feel cared for and could flourish in a nurturing environment.

The educational vision at all the schools is still governed by exactly the same principals and values. Our commitment is to small, community schools that nurture and inspire students to achieve both academically and creatively.

Staff work closely together in a spirit of openness to provide a strong through-train pathway, and ensure that students are well supported throughout the different stages of their education.

Hong Lok Yuen

When HLY helped to set up the secondary school, the dream was that the school would wholly reflect the vision and mission we had created at HLY over the previous 30 years.

I am continually overwhelmed on my visits to ICHK by just how happy the students are, how they are keen to talk, tell me about their adventures, how special they feel and how much support they get from their teachers. You can’t ask for more than that from any school.

We are incredibly proud at ICHK Hong Lok Yuen to have been associated with the school, right from the very beginning. I look forward to a strong future together, where we continue to deliver the very best possible education to students of all ages.

International School

JIS is delighted to have been one of the founding members of the partnership that established ICHK. As a primary school only facility, the school was keen to develop a positive alternative for secondary schooling to be offered to the JIS community.

The heart and soul of ICHK builds on what we set as our mission and vision for JIS. We have worked hard to ensure that our strong community values are developed and extended by ICHK.

Our school community appreciates this shared vision and as ICHK continues to develop its positive academic status alongside these values we look forward to many more significant years of development and partnership.

Kingston International School

ICHK is a dynamic school that is able to cater to the individual needs of its students. The teachers are passionate about education and dedicate themselves to helping their students reach their full potential. Within the school, caring and positive relationships are fostered between all staff and students, leading to an encouraging and progressive school atmosphere.

The wonderful natural environment that the school is located in is fully taken advantage of through a range of outdoor activities over the school year.  I have found during my visits to ICHK that there is a very strong school ethos demonstrated by both the students and staff, which in turn has a positive effect on the teaching and learning that occurs. I am very happy to be working  partnership with ICHK to ensure quality secondary school education for Kingston students.

Adam McGuigan
Acting Head of School
ICHK Hong Lok Yuen

Simon Walton
Japanese International School

Eliza Wong
Kingston International School