Caring Community

Caring Community

ICHK is a caring community, aware of its place locally, regionally and globally.

We take pride in educating our students about how they can help to create a better future for others in Hong Kong and around the world.

Our students are taught to be thoughtful, to care for others, to understand the importance of serving the community and how, through their actions, they can make a difference.

As an international community, we strive to support and help others in the region and beyond through donating to a variety of different organisations.

Throughout the year students and staff lead community initiatives including dress down days, bake sales, charity internships and other service and fundraising activities.

The school supports the Crossroads Foundation which distributes goods to people in need;  Kiva, a micro-financing organisation with global reach; The Society for Community Organisation, which works with underprivileged children in Hong Kong; and donates to the St James Settlement Food Drive every Christmas.

Our primary school has a long affiliation to The Home of Loving Faithfulness, which provides residential care for children and adults with disabilities. Every Christmas our school choir visits residents at the home, and we donate proceeds from fundraising events during the year.

A Student Council for children in Years 5 and 6 initiates worthwhile projects around the school, leads fundraising events and act as role models for younger children.

Our community rapidly raised more than $142,000 for a new school in the earthquake hit region of Timal in Nepal. Money was donated for transitional tented schools in some of the worst affected villages, and work is now underway on permanent school buildings. The innovative design concept incorporates a water harvesting system and our school name will be featured in a nameplate on the block.

At our secondary school, the Student Representative Council is committed to service and fundraising. We support Kiva, which offers micro-loans to help alleviate poverty, and helps people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. Fundraising events are regularly staged, and students have helped an Albanian girl needing tumour removal surgery; a school leader in Pakistan to improve school buildings and provide stationery for students, and the provision of a water filter for a school in Uganda.

At ICHK we are proud to give back to the community at all levels – local, regional and global, as we develop our children as global citizens.