Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council is the student voice at ICHK.

This group of elected members represents all students in the school, and organizes ways for them to participate and contribute to the school community.

All SRC members act as positive and active leaders and as role models in the school. They learn about leadership, strive to offer activities that foster a spirit of adventure and make a positive and sustainable difference to those in need.

Founded on the ideals of internationalism, democracy, adventure, environmentalism, leadership and service, the aim of the SRC is to enable student independence and leadership.

We want to involve our students, encourage them to be active members of our community, and allow their opinions and views to be heard and respected.

SRC Executive Council, 2018-19

  • President – Katie Leung
  • Secretary – Gabby Thomas
  • Treasurer – Leonie Wassermann
  • Photographer -Karim Chong
  • Internal Correspondent – Katie Griffiths
  • External Correspondent -Aaron Chu
  • Upper School Tang – Constantine Asinas
  • Lower School Tang – Anna Tang
  • Upper School Ming – Wing Kong
  • Lower School Ming – Emily Ball
  • Upper School Song – Wesley Ng
  • Lower School Song – Jason Day

Coordinating Teachers

  • Dawn Johnston
  • Jon Rees


ICHK Kindergarten is accepting applications for Pre-Nursery and Nursery children born in 2019.

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