Deep, meaningful learning occurs where the best possible teachers and passionate students meet as partners in education.

ICHK is a school which is proud to embrace innovation in learning. We deliver a stimulating curriculum for expatriates from around the world and English speaking local Chinese students. At our primary and secondary sites, inspirational teachers work in partnership to deliver a through-train education to students of all nationalities.

Kindergarten And Primary

At our kindergarten and primary school, we have been delivering high quality education for more than 35 years, following the IB Primary Years Programme with a strong focus on English and Maths.  Specialist learning includes Student Support, Chinese, PE, ICT, Music and Art. We are a leader in outdoor learning and Forest School education.

From the early years, the development of a Growth Mindset is key to our learning philosophy. We believe in encouraging and fostering the talents of every child, and are committed to ensuring that every child is happy, motivated to learn and fully prepared for secondary school.

A comprehensive set of year-by-year learning outcomes can be found here.

ICHK Secondary

At Secondary, there is dual emphasis on character and academic achievement.  Curriculum X encompasses everything that we offer beyond the traditional curriculum. This framework has been developed and refined for a number of years, through our innovations to timetable, curriculum and pedagogy.

Years 7-9

In Years 7-9 we offer an exciting and innovative curriculum aimed at preparing students for the IGCSE and IB programmes in the senior school. Learning is centred on emerging best practices, using insights and innovations from around the world.

Our programme features a combination of established subjects including English, Mathematics and Science, along with courses of our own design like Human Technologies. These are steeped in educational research and help to ensure that students develop the skills to meet the challenges of a globalized and technology-centred 21st Century economy. The programme includes:

For more information please see the Years 7-9 Curriculum Brochure.

Years 10-11

In Years 10 and 11 we follow IGCSEs. We ensure progression and continuity by building on the achievements of the earlier years and by preparing students for the rigours of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) offered in Years 12 and 13.

All students take the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Second Language, Human Technologies, Enrichment and Flow and PE.  Students also select two options from subjects including Art, Drama, Media Studies, Environmental Management, Economics, History, Expressive Arts, Global Perspectives and Enrichment and Flow.

Human Technologies helps students discover and develop skills for learning including self-management, collaboration, leadership, critical thinking, inquiry and ICT skills, whilst practicing self-reflection and self awareness.   Enrichment and Flow offers students the opportunity to dig deeper into areas of personal interest and passion and to take more control over their own learning.

For more information please see our Year 10-11 Curriculum Brochure.

Years 12-13

In Years 12-13 students follow the IB Diploma Programme. This is a challenging and increasingly celebrated two-year course of study leading to a qualification that is recognised by the world’s leading universities.

ICHK celebrates strong results every year, and our graduating students have taken up prestigious universities around the world, studying Medicine, Economics, Theatre, Marine Engineering, Chemistry, Psychology, History, Biomedical Science and other courses.

For much more detailed information on the IB Diploma, please visit the IBO website or look at our Year 12-13 Curriculum Brochure.