School Buses

The school bus provider Top Do Company runs nine routes for Hong Lok Yuen Students to and from school, serving areas that include the Chinese University, Tai Po, the Gold Coast, Ma On Shan, Sai Kung, Shatin and Kowloon.

The bus company is required to fulfill all the requirements required by the Transport Department and Education Bureau.  Copies of License Certificates from the Transport Department for each serviced school bus are submitted annually to the school.  Top Do Company ensures all drivers are fully qualified and experienced to their operate buses.  A bus mother is present on each bus.

ICHK Hong Lok Yuen Routes

  • Bus 1 – Yoho Town, Season Monarch, Lam Kam Road, Parc Versailles, Serenity Park
  • Bus 2 – Fairview Park, Palm Springs, Rolling Hills, PH I Valais
  • Bus 3 – Ting Kok Road, Beverly Hills, Forest Hill, Casa Marina, Tycoon Place
  • Bus 4 – Deerhill Bay, Constellation Cove, Classical Gardens, The Parago, JC Castle, Mont Vert
  • Bus 5 – Sai Kung, Ma On Shan,
  • Bus 6 – Hong Kong Gold Coast, PH II Valais, Sheung Shui
  • Bus 7 – Fanling, Fanling Centre, Dawning Views
  • Bus 8 – Kowloon, Fo Tan, Science Park

ICHK Secondary Routes

  • Route 1  :  Hong Kong Garden to ICHK (via Grand Pacific Views , Gold Coast)
  • Route 2  :  Covent Garden to ICHK (via Fairview Park , Palm Springs , Valais)
  • Route 3  : Harbour City to ICHK (via Kowloon Tong Station)
  • Route 4  : Sunshine City to ICHK (via La Costa , University Station , Providence Bay)
  • Route 5 : Parc Royale to ICHK (via Festival City , Peak One , Riverpark , Shatin Plaza , City One)
  • Route 6  : Broadview Garden to ICHK (via Villa Esplanada , Riviera Gardens , Casa Marina Phase )
  • Route 7 :  Kwai Hing Road to ICHK  (via Royal Ascot , Kau To Shan , Deerhill Bay , Kingston Hill)
  • Route 8 :  Lui King Tin Tsuen to ICHK (via Lam Tsuen , Parc Versailles , King Shing Court , Ping Che)
  • Route 9 :  Tai Po Centre to ICHK (via Hong Lok Yuen , Nam Wah Po)
  • Route 10 :  The Pinnacle to ICHK (via Hemera , La Caleta , Villa Rhapsody, Double Cove)
  • Route 11 :  Hilltop Garden to ICHK (via Lai Chi Shan , Beverly Hills , Tai Mei Tuk Village)
  • Route 12:  Riva to ICHK (via The Green , Woodland Crest , Noble Hill , Fanling Town Centre)
  • Route 13:  Heya Green to ICHK (via Harbour Green , Sorrento , Manhattan Hill , Fortune Garden)
  • For further details and times for all bus routes please click here.

Should you have any questions or further details about the service, the fees and the routes, please contact Top Do Company directly.  They will do their best to accommodate all students at the school who require transport.  All arrangements are made directly with the Company and not with the school.

Primary inquiries

Phone:  3689-9608    Email:

Secondary inquiries

Phone: 5546 7472  Email (

After-school activities at ICHK Secondary

ICHK Secondary has activities on Tuesdays, during Period 5. All students and bus will leave at 3.30pm as usual on these days.