Scholarship Policy

ICHK offers a range of scholarships, all closely aligned to the values which underpin our school.

A total of 10% of our annual school fees is awarded in scholarships of one form or another every year, and we seek to exceed that wherever possible, as we strive to make our school’s curricula available to as many students as possible.

With all our awards, we aim to encourage, inspire and reward students for their efforts and contribution to the community,

Our policy has been carefully crafted to align with our core philosophy that all children are worthy and deserving of the best possible education, and young people should be supported in developing their all-round characters.

There are four types of scholarship at ICHK.

Category A – awarded to attract new students and to retain existing students who demonstrate clearly desirable qualities that we value as a school e.g. service to others, sporting or dramatic prowess, academic endeavour and accomplishment, evidence of personal courage and integrity.

Category B Community scholarships are awarded in the following three categories. The categories celebrate the core values of our school and the ways in which these add to the quality and cohesion of community life:

  •       Growth Mindset – a student who demonstrates belief in hard work and determination, who is resilient in the face of challenge, who welcomes failure as an opportunity to learn, and who tackles problems wholeheartedly in the belief that effort counts.
  •       Courage in the Learning Zone – a student who demands to be stretched and enjoys leaving their comfort zone, who pushes beyond their customary limits of endurance, who welcomes intelligent risk-taking, and who faces down their fears.
  •       Support of Peers – a student who is a committed team player, who respects the needs of others, who sacrifices their own immediate interests for the benefit of the group, and who recognises when others are struggling and steps in to help.

At the end of every term, certificates are awarded to students for each category in each curriculum area, and students are automatically nominated for scholarship.

Category B Entrepreneurial & Leadership scholarships are awarded to inspire and encourage exceptional contributions by students to academic and extra-curricular life at ICHK. The form these contributions take depends on the priorities of each department at any given period, but their intention is always the same: to foster engagement with and commitment to activities and undertakings that elevate our learners beyond their profile as students and into the realm of providers of opportunity, enhancers of environment, and creators of knowledge for other people’s learning.

Examples include

  •     assuming executive responsibility and organisation in sport, drama, outdoor learning, and other shared group or team activities;
  •     self-directed activity, including research and authorship, that results in new learning opportunities for other students at ICHK and beyond (e.g. through the authorship of Free Learning, Flexible Learning, or Human Technologies units);
  •       self-directed activity that makes sustainable and eco-friendly improvements to the school’s immediate and local environment.

Category C – awarded to existing students whose families suffer hardship, either temporarily or more long-term, in recognition that it is our families and their children who comprise the school community and provide its unique quality.

Category D – awarded specifically to enable students to access Deep Learning and Activity opportunities that cost more than HKD $2,000.

To find out more about any of our scholarship opportunities please contact the Head of School Toby Newton at


ICHK Kindergarten is accepting applications for Pre-Nursery and Nursery children born in 2019.

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