Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy


Families seeking admission for their child at any time of the year, should contact the school for advice on the admissions process or complete our online application form,  All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs.

Kindergarten and Primary

Enrolment is open to anyone, in Hong Kong or abroad. The Principal makes the final decision on admission of students into school. It is the school’s policy to try and ensure a balance in each class of nationality, gender and languages. This provides all students with the maximum opportunity of learning in a rich multi-cultural and co-educational environment with a high standard of spoken English.

Admission is possible at any time of the year if places are available. Students starting in Nursery will be expected to continue throughout the school to Year 6 and then on to International College Hong Kong for their secondary education. Usually we would expect local students to start in our Nursery and expatriate students in the year group according to when they arrive in Hong Kong.

As classes approach capacity, particular consideration is given to:

  • Students who are native English speakers,
  • Students who contribute either to the multi-cultural or gender balance of the class,
  • Siblings of children already attending at the school,
  • Children of staff working at the school,
  • Students who are residents in Hong Lok Yuen.

Students with learning difficulties may be admitted if it is believed that their needs can be supported by the School’s Learning Support Programme and that students can be placed in the regular classroom without jeopardising the education of other students.

For students entering Nursery whose first language is not English, the family must also be able to demonstrate at interview, that adequate support in English can be given at home to ensure development of the language. All students whose native language is not English must take an assessment to determine whether they can be supported.

Students will only usually be accepted if the standard of reading, writing and speaking in English is proficient. Some places are available for students who are new to English or whose English is not fluent. Such places are only offered if there is availability on the intensive EAL programme and students cannot access the curriculum of local government subsidised schools.


Our admissions policy reflects our school mission and vision, and has been adopted by the Board of Governors who are responsible for its content and review.

ICHK is a community school whose diverse student population is one of our main strengths and reflects the rich demographics of our partner schools. In keeping with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, ICHK does not discriminate in admissions with regard to gender, citizenship, race or religion. However, as English is our medium of instruction and to ensure that students gain maximum benefit from the education we provide, students are required to have a satisfactory level of proficiency in English. The school offers a scholarship scheme for exceptional students from the wider community.

ICHK is run as a day school. Students must therefore reside with their parent(s) or other legal guardian in a location within commuting distance to the school.

ICHK exists to cater primarily for students from our family of partner schools: ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, Japanese International School and Kingston International School. However we also accept applications from other families in the New Territories and Kowloon, and in particular students from Anfield International School. Our community believes in the benefit of small class sizes (a maximum of 20 students with two additional places in exceptional circumstances).

Hence all students are accepted according to the following criteria:

  1. There is sufficient space in the class.
  2. Students meet our admissions requirements.

Admission Requirements

The Head of School makes the final decision on admission of students into the school.

  1. As English is the language of instruction, applicants must demonstrate a satisfactory level of English proficiency. Dispensation may be granted for students with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Previous school reports or a non-verbal standardised test score will need to establish that the student will be able to successfully access the curriculum within a reasonable time. Parents will need to demonstrate a commitment to supporting English at home and, if necessary, agree to pay for EAL intensive support at school.
  2.  Students should have a record of commitment to learning and good behaviour at school (as evidenced by school reports including attendance records).
  3.  ICHK is a community school. Parents should be supportive of their children’s education and be willing to become involved in the life and ethos of the school.
  4. As a school, which believes in the benefits of a holistic education,parents must agree to their child’s participation in both the activities programme and CAS Week.
  5. Students with learning needs may be admitted if the College believes that their needs can be met by the school’s Educational Support programmes and the student can be placed in a mainstream classroom without jeopardizing the education of other students. If the school is of the view that additional teaching support will be required then parents will be asked to pay for these extra costs (A conditional offer will be made in these circumstances).
  6. Any initial placement is tentative, and the school may either advise a change of grade level or class after the student’s abilities have been assessed or, in certain circumstances, may withdraw the placement.

Admission into the IB Diploma Programme

This section applies equally to our existing students and to external applicants.

  1. Students must first meet all admission requirements as stated above.
  2. Students who have completed their Y11 course of study at ICHK or otherwise, are eligible to apply for the IB DP by submitting a written application to the Head of  Senior School. followed by an interview with Head of Senior School or Head of School. In order for students to meet with success in the IB Diploma, It is recommended that students should have a minimum of 5 A*-C grades at GCSE or equivalent and a minimum of grade B for Higher level subjects.
  3. All monies owed to ICHK shall have been paid in full.

Priority Criteria

Once the criteria above have been met, priority is determined in the order indicated:

  1. Students from our primary partner schools, ICHK Hong Lok Yuen, JIS (Japanese International School) and KIS (Kingston International School).
  2. Students from Anfield Primary, International students from overseas who cannot access the local system, Siblings of ICHK students, Students whose parents are teaching full-time at ICHK or one of our partner schools, Former students who are returning from a period overseas;
  3. All other students based on our admissions requirements.

N.B. For the IB Diploma programme, priority will be given to our current ICHK students.