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Primary School

Tuition Fees 2021-22

School fees and association charges are both payable as quoted in Hong Kong Dollars. Fees are subject to approval by the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

Pre- Nursery (3 afternoons a week) Part-time Nursery Full Time Nursery to Y6
Term 1 (Autumn Term) 29,160 50,680
Term 2 (Spring Term) 11,000 21,870 38,010
Term 3 (Summer Term) 11,000 21,870 38,010
22,000 72,900 126,700
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Fees are invoiced on a termly basis and are payable by the date marked on the invoice.
  • Fees may be pro-rated according to date of starting school.
  • No reduction in school fees will be made for any absence.
  • Parents with financial difficulty in payment of fees should contact the Head of School in confidence.

Association Charges

These charges are associated with International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen  Association Limited.

Application Charge HK$1,850 per child  (non-refundable and non-transferable) There is also an additional charge of $800* when offered an assessment interview (non-refundable and non-transferable) These fees are approved by the Education Bureau
Assessment Interview Charge
HK$800 per child
Capital Debenture Nursery to Y6 HK$70,000 per child (non-refundable and non-transferable)
Annual Capital Levy HK$17,500 per child (non-refundable and non-transferable)
  • The application fee guarantees a place on our waiting lists if classes are full. The fee also includes administration costs.
  • The assessment fee gives a one on one interview for the student with a teacher  and/or a specialist teacher.
  • Parents shall become members of ICHKHLYAL at the time of registration of their child(ren).
  • The Application charge is to be submitted with the application form. The charge is not refundable and not transferable.
  • The Assessment Interview charge is to be payable on acceptance of an interview.
  • The Non-Refundable Capital Debenture is payable on offer of a place.
  • Enrolment becomes final only after the school has received the Capital Debenture. The fees are not refundable and not transferable if the family decides at a later date not to enrol the student.
  • The Non-Refundable Annual Capital Levy charge must be paid at the same time as the initial term’s fee unless a student starts in the Term 3 when 30% of the Annual Capital Levy is payable. The Annual Capital Levy is strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All students (except Pre Nursery) pay the Annual Non-Refundable Capital Levy. For Part time Nursery students 60% of the annual capital levy will be payable.
  • The Annual Capital Levy and the Non-Refundable Capital Debenture are to be used for capital development including the upgrading of school facilities to meet the standards expected by members of our school community.
  • The Annual Capital Levy may be used to replace, enhance or improve facilities that depreciate according to school policy and within 5 years. The Capital Debenture may be used for funding significant capital projects to improve our school buildings and grounds and which typically would normally depreciate five years or longer.

Payment of Fees

Payments by cheque or by bank transfer to  International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen  Association Limited. The payment of school fees in cash is not advised. Payment by Bank Transfer

  • Please add bank charges for both banks to the payment
  • Payment from overseas by Bank Transfer (please add both local and overseas bank charges for both banks to the payment)
  • To complete the process, please email the bank confirmation slip with student name or student number to school at
Bank Name Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Bank Address New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong
Account No. 411-033-2083-9
Name in which the account hold:  International College Hong Kong Hong Lok Yuen  Association Limited
  • Invoices are emailed using the “Billing Email Address” under family profile on the Orchard. The default billing e-mail address will be the Father’s and Mother’s personal address unless further notice is received.
  • Invoices will be sent out around one month before the deadline. The deadline is set on the first day of the term.
  • Invoices are payable upon receipt. For payments that are outstanding for more than 15 days after the deadline, a late payment fee of 3% of the outstanding amount will be charged.
  • The school reserves the right to withdraw the student from school if the fees are not paid two months after the deadline (the first day of each term). The student cannot be reinstated until all fees are paid and upon availability of a space.
  • If a family does not pay the fees on time more than three times consecutively, the school will reserve the right to insist the family pay the fees by termly direct debit.

Withdrawal of Students from the school

A terms notice must be given in writing or via email to the School Office.

Date of Leaving Notice Period
Leaving at the end of term  Notice must be received at the latest, on the first day of that term
Leaving during a term  Notice must be received by the first day of the previous term
Leaving during term 1 (Aug-Dec) Leaving before or during mid term break, notice must be received by the first day of the previous term 3

Leaving after the mid term break and before the last day of term 1, notice must be received by the latest, on the last day of the previous term 3


Other Payment Information

  • Monthly payments can be made in exceptional circumstances only and on application to the Head of School.
  • For students entering the school in Y6, 40% of the capital debenture will be returned at the end of the academic year.
  • For students attending the school for one year or less and subsequently required to relocate to another country due to parents workplace, may be eligible for  40% of the  Non Refundable Capital Debenture to be returned, under certain circumstances, on application to the Head of School.
  • Reduction (10% discount) is available on the tuition fee for 3rd child if all educated at ICHK HLY and ICHK at the same time (on application to the Head of School).
  • The school supplies all stationery and textbooks requirements. Exceptions are:
    • Camps.
    • School Uniform and accessories.
    • School bus charges (pay directly to the company).
    • Learning Support Charges for individual child if deemed necessary
      • EAL Intensive charge is $4,500 per month
      • Special Needs Support Assistant is $206 per hour


Tuition Fees 2021-22

School fees are payable as quoted in Hong Kong Dollars. Fees are subject to approval by the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

Years 7-9 Years 10-11 Years 12-13
Term 1 (Autumn) $67,200 $70,000 $74,600
Term 2 (Spring) $57,300 $59,800 $63,600
Term 3 (Summer) $39,300 $41,000 $43,800
TOTAL $163,800 $170,800 $182,000
10 Monthly (Autopay)
$16,380 $17,080  $18,200


Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $205 is paid on submission of the application form.  There follows a second installment of $2,000 which  covers all administrative costs associated with your child securing a place at ICHK.

Non-Refundable Capital Debenture

A non-refundable debenture is required for each new student to join ICHK. This is used for capital development including the provision for upgrading school facilities and for school development in the long term to meet parents’ expectations.

This debenture is to be paid in THREE non-refundable installments. Enrolment is final only after the school has received the payment of the first installment. Cheques are payable to International College Hong Kong (NT). Please write the full name of your child on the back of the cheque and the name of your child’s school. Please send to ICHK, 60 Sha Tau Kok Road, Shek Chung Au, New Territories, Hong Kong.

Event Cost Date
Installment 1 HKD $60,000 Payable before the student is enrolled.
Installment 2 HKD $20,000 Payable on or before June 1st in Year 7 or the first year of studies
Installment 3 HKD $20,000 Payable on or before June 1st in Year 8 or the second year of studies

For Year 6 students entering Year 7, parents are required to pay the first installment of $30,000HKD (students from primary partners only) or $60,000 (all other students) by 1st November in the year before the student starts to confirm the acceptance of a priority place for Year 7. Following this date, entry becomes generally available to eligible students. For entry to all other years, the first installment is paid in order to confirm uptake of a place and before the student begins their studies. The second installment of $20,000HKD is paid towards the end of their first year, and is used to confirm that the student will continue their studies into the second year. Parents whose child will not continue their studies should inform the Head of School with one term’s notice. The third installment of $20,000HKD is paid at the end of the second year and confirms that a student will continue their studies for the third year and beyond. Parents whose child will not continue their studies should inform the Head of School with one term’s notice. For students entering ICHK as Year 7s and from partner primaries only, the model above continues into years 4 and 5, with payments of $15,000HKD in each instance.

We accept applications throughout the year including applications for the IB Diploma programme. The debenture is waived for Years 12 and 13, so that, for a student joining ICHK in Year 10, there is only one subsequent payment, and for a student joining in Year 11 no subsequent payment, after the initial $60,000HKD securing entry.

Discounts to the non-refundable debenture are available with respect to siblings at 10% for the second child and 50% for any further children attending the school.

Debenture policy for parents from ICHK partner schools.

*Please note: New arrangements for parents of partner schools to pay the debenture in installments were introduced in September 2017, and any applications for partial refunds cannot be made retrospectively.

Examination Fees

Examination and administration fees for external examinations, eg IGCSE and IB are not included in annual school fees and will be charged to students taking the examinations. The derivation of examination fees is governed entirely by the requirement of the school to meet the mandates of the exam boards. The fees cover courier charges, international telephone calls, exam board administration fees, centre inspection fees, moderator visit costs, maintenance of the examination infrastructure within school, and stipulated training costs.