In January 2020, our school, along with all others in Hong Kong, was closed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The whole ICHK community was forced to quickly adapt to an unprecedented situation, learning and adjusting to new realities along the way.

Our approach from Day 1 was informed by a thorough and genuine commitment to supporting positive wellbeing within our students, teachers, families and wider community.

Our cutting edge approaches enabled us to continually adapt and develop, introducing regular innovations to our online learning.

The period of closure has offered opportunities for our students to strengthen as learners, drawing on reservoirs of applied grit and determination, exercised in the face of adversity, that will lead to personal growth and betterment.

It has also been an opportunity to learn about the incredible character and strength of the community that underpins learning at ICHK, and why it exists to the degree it does here.

As we continue to navigate further uncertainty, we remain true to our values and commitment to learning together.

Video Gallery

Easter 2020 Assembly

Easter 2020 Assembly

An unusual end to Term 2, featuring an empty hall for assembly.


ICHK Primary PYPx 2020

ICHK Primary PYPx 2020

Year 6 PYPx culminates in new ways.


ICHK Virtual Choir 2020 - A Million Dreams

ICHK Virtual Choir 2020 - A Million Dreams

Our community comes together to sing about their dreams.

ICHK Kindergarten & Primary Assembly

ICHK Kindergarten & Primary Assembly

Making our Primary students feel at home.

Student Learning

Virtual Portraits

A showcase of virtual learning portraits was created by students at Kindergarten and Primary. Students gathered items that had been important to them during the period of campus closure.

Art teacher Kelsey Long led the whole school project, enabling students to reflect on the four month closure period from January-May 2019. Inspired by photographer Gregg Segal, the challenge was for them to collect items that had been important to them  to create an interesting bird’s eye view photograph.

Flexible Learning

Over almost three months of campus closures, students worked to produce superb work, impressing us all with their intelligence, maturity and self discipline.

As we reached the end of our eleventh week of online learning, our Year 7-9 padlet had been filled with excellent projects, ranging from science, photography to art and geography.

You can enjoy some of the work here.


COVID-19 International Student Film Festival

As part of their IB CAS programme, Wing Kong and Serena Cheung compiled a short film entitled “Coronavirus”.


ICHK Kindergarten is accepting applications for Pre-Nursery and Nursery children born in 2019.

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